Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to Basics of Melt and Pour

How do you like these soaps?  Not my usual cold or hot process soaps, in fact these are melt and pour.  I am sure that most soap makers have all dabbled with them at one point or another.  These are the stops I first made when I discovered cold process soap making.  I use to love making these soaps . . . actually the impatient side of me still loves making these.  Personally, I love it went my 8 year old comes around and says "Mom, I want to help you make soaps today".  I think that is why I still love it, because I can make soaps with him.

I have a customer . . . her daughter has fallen in love with these soaps and she wants 300 soaps, lotions, and lip balms in pink organza bags by September 4th.  I am a little pressed for time because I got real sick after coming back from the Smokey Mountains.  The only thing that keeps me from panicking is the fact that these are simple to make.  I use the SFIC soap base.  It's made in California.  The company has great customer service...and for those of you who make M&P soaps.  Check them out:

I find it interesting that after years of making soaps, I always have customers that pick those transparent melt and pour soaps over the cold and hot process ones. The look is what sells them.  That is what make making and selling so interesting to me. 

SFIC Melt & Pour 50lb Base

Slow Melting Soap

Pink Cotton Soap

Here I am using soap boxes to keep the lotion bottles standing up!

I am giving away 3 of these soaps.  Just be the first one to comment and we can make the arrangement.


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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Results

I am finally getting around to cutting and taking pictures of the soaps I previously showed you.  I was pleasantly surprised, but like always, they inspired me to make more soap, but before I show you the new creations take a look at these and tell me what you think.

Sex in the Shower

Sex In The Shower

The Breakfast Bar

Fruit From The Tropics

Sweet Orange

I am really excited to show you this one.  We have decided to call it Van Gogh.  Marlisa and I were inspired to call it Van Gogh because of the colors chosen.  Four colors in total micas, oxides and ultramarine.  I love the layer look...and she loves the wild colors.   I am quickly becoming a fan of a wild look because of this soap.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Van Gogh

Well, I hope you all enjoy the look of these new creations.  I am off to the Smokies to spend some quality time with my family.  Enjoy the rest of the week.


Weekend Adventure

This past weekend I was a little busy.  I had my father make me a couple of adjustable wooden molds and I finally was able to use them.  I had my soap making partner in crime (Marlisa) come over to help me out.  Making soap is fun, but having someone to help you out is even better.  It’s another pair of eyes and another opinion that makes it more fun.

Marlisa - Soap making partner in crime (cousin)

So here are a few pictures of our adventure.  These soaps will be available in my Etsy Shop mid July.  Later I will post pictures when they are cut.

The new look for our “Sex in the Shower” soap.

Love this coincidental heart that came about with Marlisa drizzling.  It’s a true keeper!  This is the best selling soap that I make.  I’ve changed the look of this soap several times because I wasn’t happy with it in the past, but I must say THIS will be the one from here on out!  It's scent is a combination of cherry, pineapple, peach and vanilla.

Here are a two more pictures for your enjoyment.

"Sex in the Shower"

"Sex in the Shower"

The Breakfast Bar

This soap is the very best of breakfast without the scramble eggs.  It’s contains scents of  vanilla, milk, honey, oatmeal,   topped off with ground coffee.  This is my newest creation.  It’s warm and sweet and you just want to eat it (we don't recommend it).

The Breakfast Bar

“Fruit From The Tropics”

A combination of color with a simple scent of sweet pomegranate topped with ground hibiscus for a beautiful look.

“Fruit From The Tropics”

Sweet Orange

This looks like dessert, but it’s my Sweet Orange scented soap, topped off with dry orange peel.  It’s my ultimate favorite look, and there is something about a sweet citrus scent that I truly love.

Sweet Orange