Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How I Became a Soap-A-Holic!

Summer is upon us and what I had set out to do since the beginning of the year is finally getting started.  Welcome to my blog spot.  Thank you for choosing to follow my crazy adventures of soaping… along with a few other interests.
Like many of you, I am a self proclaimed soap-a-holic.  I love making skin loving products.  My skin loves me for it, and it's never looked or felt better.
I am a wife and a mother of two very active boys that rarely let me have time to breath, except for my quiet bath time.  Needless to say, my bath time is very important to me, so I make it count!

I have always loved being crafty and making things with my hands.  I’ve enjoyed sewing, knitting, painting, even upholstery in the past, but I’ve never loved or obsessed over them like I do with soap making which I stumbled into in the summer of 2005.  That summer a friend gave me a hand scrub that I fell in love with.  I placed it on my kitchen sink and used it up in no time.  I loved the way it left my hands looking healthy, feeling soft, and smelling great.  I wished that my hands weren’t the only part of my body that felt and looked that way.   The price was reasonable, but I thought about the possibility of making something like this for my body.   So I set out to make my first scrub.  I found a great recipe at www.pvsoaps.com (great shop, great resource and friendly customer service), Pomegranate Poppy Seed Body Scrub.  After examining the ingredients, I realized that I already had most of them in my kitchen, but lacked the fragrance.  I don’t remember why I didn’t purchase all of the ingredients through pvsoaps…I think they lack the fragrance…so I set out to look for it.    That is when I found www.sunfeather.com.   Not only did they have the fragrance, but there I read about Sandy Maine.  I immediately purchased her book, "Clean, Naturally: Recipes for Body, Home and Spirit, read it, and from there it’s history.  

I have done my share of research and even though my library of books is continuously growing there is always more to learn with experimenting.  For example, I started out with melt and pour soap.  It’s as easy as having a microwave and a scale, but in order to be good there is technique that one must acquire.  I still enjoy making melt and pour.  There is a certain beauty to making those, but I love making the natural soap.  There’s something about the careful measuring and mixing of the ingredients and seeing your finished product that is very liberating.

Well, this is my first of many entries.  It’s amazing how many blogs are dedicated to soap making these days.  I love reading them.  It’s usually how I spend the last hours of my day.  Reading them, getting inspired, and looking at the artistry they share.   They are great, insightful and full of new ideas and different techniques.  My hopes for this blog is that we can get to know each other, help each other, and that I can keep a running journal of my messes and successes.   I hope I can be an inspiration to you and you share your triumphs and mistakes with me.  Whether you are a beginner in soap making or an old pro looking to see what other approaches others may exist . . . welcome!  I hope that our love for the craft bonds us together in this small but growing community.

Pomegranate Poppy Seed Body Scrub